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HUPTON Letters

A Series of letters written to Sarah Ann (BARKER) HUPTON wife of Hiram and her mother

Two from her older brother James BARKER who was a soldier and lived in India.

Two from her younger brother Joseph B.BARKER.

The first one written to Sarah Ann’s mother, Ann APPLETON BARKER from Sarah’s sister Elizabeth


 Copies of the letters were given to me by Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Jim HUPTON





                                                                        No 7 King Street  New Town Stepford? Kent  1863

Dear Mother

We now again address these few lines to you hoping by the blessing of God that they will meet you all in the enjoyment of good health as thank God these few lines leave us in the enjoyment of the same at this foremost time  Dear Mother we should have wrote sooner but we thought of Elizabeth coming down this week but she cannot make it convenient and she also wishes me to accompany her which I cannot do before our job is finished which will be two or three months before that will be accomplished  I think I may say we shall not be down before Christmas  there will then be excursions running most probable so that the expenses will not be so heavy as at present  Dear Mother  we have enclosed six stamps for Joseph to spend before he returns to school  and we shall send in about two weeks time a parcel for you and I am very sorry that we cannot at present and send you something for I am well aware that it must fall very heavy on you at present particular while Joseph is at home with you but we hope that our dear sisters assist you  in every way that they possibly can do for we  commanded so to do we must Dear Mother you state you  are about selling your Mangle* and I do not doubt but the money will do you more good   you speak of taking in knitting it will not be so heavy a job as the Mangle I wish you was near to us  we could help you in many ways that we cannot at this distance  We are placed but I think we shall be able to give you some work at that  when we come down we can then make arrangements  about it  I hope  I hope I may soon meet with a  permanent situation  If I was in one I think you would be comfortable with us and particular  so when Joseph is apprenticed with these few lines we unite in sending our love to you Dear Mother also to brother Joseph and sisters please to write as soon as possible and inform us when Joseph returns to school yours affectionately until death Robert and Elizabeth Harwood?


*NOTE: mangle (as it is called in the United Kingdom) or wringer (as it is called in the United States) is a mechanical laundry aid consisting of two rollers in a sturdy frame, connected by cogs and, in its home version, powered by a hand crank or electrically. While the appliance was originally used to wring water from wet laundry, today mangles are used to press or flatten sheets, tablecloths, kitchen towels, or clothing and other laundry.  Source  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangle_(machine)



                                                                                                          Bangalore  Sept. 24 / 66

Dear Mother Brother and Sisters 

I now take the liberty of writing these few lines to you hoping they find you in good health as thank God it leaves me too at present  Dear Mother I received your most welcome letter and was glad to hear that you were well but I am very sorry to hear that my brother Joseph is very ill but I hope he will soon be able to get about again by the help of God he giving him strength to do so and I am also sorry to hear that my sisters are out of work but I hope they will soon be at work again and I hope they will be better  towards you  than I am sorry to say I was while I was at home  But thanks be to God that I am a different  man all together now to what I was then  I have seen some trouble since I joined manhood  I had a great deal of knocking about But thanks be to God it has learned me a lesson that I shall never forget  I am very happy to hear that my brother is so eager to see me but I think it won’t be long before I come home to England again never to leave it any more  If I can anyways help it  Dear Mother I have written 4 different  letters to you and never received one another Back again to me of them  I thought you had forgot that I was living at all in the world as I never heard from you I often enquired every Month? But no letter for Barker was to be seen Dear Mother Please to answer this one by return of mail if you possibly can  Please do give my best respects and kind Love to my sisters and brother Joseph   So no more at present from Your Ever Loving and Affectionate Son   James Barker

So Good Night and may God Bless you and Sisters and brother and all enquiring friends Amen



                                                                                                          Bangalore  July 7th 1876

Dear Brother and Sister

I now sit down to write these few lines to you hoping they will find you in good health as the same leaves me at present Dear Brother and Sister I cannot explain the regret I feel at the death off my poor old mother  I hope she died happy and my brother Joseph what will become of him now   I hope you use him kindly  poor fellow  I hope he will do well wherever he goes better than I have done in my time   though I am in good health I would like to see you all again    How is Mary Jane  is she married yet and who to   let me know in your next letter all the particulars I suppose  I should not know the place again so much altered since I was there

I have got 5 children all in good health Thank God  2 boys and 3 girls we shall come home in 5 years time if alls well please God how is Uncle Thomas getting on and all relations

There is a _____? Of war but I hope we don’t have go to it after 15 years  _____? I don’t feel inclined to go to battle now  It is 15 years since I enlisted I am almost tired of it now  So no more at present from your ever loving and affectionate brother and sister James and Mary BARKER  all the children and their kisses to you    Good bye and God bless you all    write soon

To Bomber? James Barker 2 3678 C Battery C Brigade

Royal Horse Artillery      Bangalore     East India



1st Page                                                                                                                         July 3rd 1921

                                                                                                                            71 Campbell St Lanc

My Dear Aunt & Uncle,

We received your very welcome letter but sorry to tell you Mother died Tuesday night half past 11 June 14th  I need not say how we miss her but we have one joy to know that mother was quite ready so it is for us to live so we may meet again with God’s help  Father is much better again of course he will feel the loss  Father was very pleased with the nice present he was 72 last birthday  the collier strike was really settled  July 1st they stopped work  April 1st it will take a time before all the men can start work

But we must be thankful for small (mercies or miracles) sorry the distance is so great we would have been pleased to see you over again but hope Uncle and yourself are in the best of health the Prince is expected to pay a visit to St Helens on Wednesday also to go through Pilkington’s works  I will leave father to write a line or two  Good night and God bless you  from your loving niece Annie.



3rd page (written in J. B. Barker handwriting)

71 Campbell St St Helens Lanc

3 / 7 / 1921

My Dear Brother & Sister

 I received your letter & was glad to hear that you are in good health. But sorry to say that my wife died on the 14th of June.  She was 67 years old. Been suffering nearly 6 months. I had wrote to you sister Mary Jane but received a letter from her last week she said she can’t come to the funeral. She and her husband has been bad & better now. I am still working at Mr Rudd motor & bicycle & glasses etc in Baldwin St  Our son John is improving his business.

Page 4

Our sons had been out of work through the colliers strike Settled started tomorrow. I was very pleased with a nice present for my birthday . We wish you will write to us soon we hope you and Hiram are in good health Thank God. We send our give love to you all. Good night God Bless you all

We remain Your  Brother  J. B. BARKER



                                                                                                                                    Aug  7th 1921

1st Page                                                                                                            71 Campbell St  Lanc


My Dear Aunt & Uncle,

We received your very welcome letter also thank you for our messengers they are very good reading. The colliers have started work, most of them but they are not any better off they are worse off but we must be thankful they are working Father has gone this after noon to Sutton Manor to see sister Sarah They all wish to be remembered to you & Uncle also Alice she lives in Charley St


 2nd page

near sister Pollie? Alice has one boy & two girls Pollie has two boys Sarah has two girls Lizzie has two boys and two girls John one girl and one boy James four 4 boys and three girls you see Father has a lot of grandchildren

You see it is weeks since I started to write but I left it for father to finish so he has just made time.

Love from all at home  Good night and God bless you  from your loving niece Annie.


3rd page (written in James B. Barker handwriting)

71 Campbell St St Helens Lanc  Aug 31st 1921

Dear Brother & Sister  I received your letter & was glad to hear that you are in good health. Our John & wife & family was going to Isle of Man last week for holidays. His return home last Friday, but till her and family coming home tomorrow. He said enjoyed lovely in I.O.Man I am working at Mr Rudd’s shop. This weather is changed  rain and hot.

Page 4

I never heard from your brother James in some years I & Annie live with our John. John is working, his business as many good busy. I will write to your sister Mary Jane soon. I send/ give my love to you. Good night God Bless you all  I  remain   Your affectionate Brother  J. B. BARKER


                 Pictures of the letter Hiram had written to his wife and children in England

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